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3/8" Stud

All broom heads require a handle with a 3/8” stud. Choose the best handle that meets your application. It is recommended to use an all-steel handle for extra durability and for all 36” broom heads.

Handle Thread

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Twelve 3/8" stud handles are available with a choice of five handle materials: fiberglass/steel; steel; vinyl coated steel; wood; and wood/steel. Other selectable options include: handle thread; handle type; handle length; and handle diameter.

The 3/8" stud handles are unique to Milwaukee Dustless Brush and Gordon Brush®. These handles are used with the Speed Sweep®, Seat Sweep®, and Speed® line of broom and squeegee heads. The handle attach to an external socket that has a 3/8" thread. The external socket is also unique Milwaukee Dustless Brush and Gordon Brush®, and can be a standard or Flip-Flop® socket.

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